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Wine Shine & Dine Tour includes chauffeured transportation to 2 local wineries and 1 local distillery, as well as a 3 course dinner at Black Oak Grill. All in the comfort and convenience of your choice of luxurious vehicles.  The tour lasts approximately 4 and a half hours and includes the wine and moonshine tastings, as well as dinner.

Sample approximately a dozen wines and at least 3 different shines/spirits, in addition to a menu of at least 4 different entree’ choices, 2 salads, dessert and non-alcoholic drinks for dinner.

For our private Wine Shine and Dine Tours, we will pick you up at your hotel, air b-n-b, condo, etc. and take you back there after the tour. The prices do NOT include a gratuity for your chauffeur-guide, or the baristas at the tasting locations. A gratuity has been included for the servers at Black Oak Grill. But it’s based on a discounted rate for the meal, so tipping extra at the restaurant is welcomed, but not required. 

Due to schedule changes and other things beyond our control, we do not list specific wineries and/or distilleries that are included in the tour. But we are happy to let you know which specific locations will be included, as we get close to your tour date. We will tell you that “NORMALLY” we include Ozark Hills Winery and Lindwedel Winery, and Missouri Ridge Distillery. We occasionally will substitute one of the wineries with Bear Creek Winery, when necessary.


Available Wednesday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Executive Sedans/$175.00 (per person / up to 2 passengers / 2 person minimum)

Executive SUV/$190.00 (per person / up to 4 passengers)

Super-stretch Limousine/$200.00 (per person / up to 6 passengers)

Mercedes Executive Limousine Vans/$210.00 (per person / up to 12 passengers)


Contact Joe Gunnels, for more information.
(417) 337-4129, Ext 3